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Thread: Content rating Admob violation

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    Content rating Admob violation

    I have received a notification from admob for violation of the ad policies. They tell me that my app shows ads for people over 18 when it is classified as PEGI12. I have changed the settings of the campaign from admob site but they say the following: "If you use the SDK to set a maximum ad content rating for each ad request, that rating will override any rating set in the AdMob user interface. " I have a doubt if clickteam can change the content by age, I'm not sure if it's enough to change it from admob site or clickteam change admob settings to show ads by age. Does the clickteamfusion admob extension SDK interfere with the content rating?
    I hope you can help me, thanks.

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    I had a similar thing from Admob a while ago. Its to do with the categorys that can be shown as ads. I did the following from my AdMob dashboard:

    - Login to Admob and from the left hand menu select "Blocking Controls"
    - Select the General Categories Tab
    - Work through the different categories and block certain things. For example. I blocked the following: Apparel --> Clothing --> Underwear. To block it just click on the slider to the left of the category name.

    Theres quite a lot of categories and to be honest its worth blocking ones that have no relevance to your users as theres more chance then of a decent targeted ad being displayed.

    Hope that helps

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    Did you use the action about child age in Config AdMob "Child-directed Treatment"?

    Fernando Vivolo

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