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Version 1.20


Spy Vs Spy - The Fuse and Ms Fire Files is a "recreation" from the old C64 game "Spy Vs Spy" from 1984.

Small Story why i actually build this:

Some years ago, I saw that First Star Software created a remake for IOS systems from the original Spy Vs Spy game but sadly, this remake didnt make it on Home PCs so far and never will...
I even asked them viva Email if that would ever be the case - but they said "No" straight away.

Sad about, I thought I give it a try myself to "recreate" the original game somehow somewhat - and look at that now.

After 3 1/2 days (and sure now a lot more since 1.00 got a lot updates heh) of work (and fixing bugs and what not), its finally done.

Ladys and Gentlemen, i present you: Spy Vs Spy The Fuse & Ms Fire Files! A recreation (not a 1:1 remake...) from the Spy Vs Spy game from 1984.

A great 2 Player (ONLY!) game to enjoy local on your PC!

Version: 1.25

-2 Player LOCAL ONLY game!
-Ingame manual!
-Play As FUSE or MS FIRE!
-Artwork from me!

-OFFICIAL PERMISSIONS to use the music remixes by (as sample) Mitch van Hayden & the ORIGINAL MELODIE creator Nicholas Scarim!

-4 different TRAPS!
--Boxing gloves!
--ACID Buckets!

-Defending tools!
--Water buckets!

-Easy knife hand-to-hand combat!

-Collect the items!
--Secret files!
--The briefcase to store them & keep them all!

-20 Levels!
-Retro look!
-funny sound effects!
-4-way movement (like the original!)
-Spy laugh!

And that all for free! If you think about i worked 3 1/2 days on this game, im glad its done and actually very very proud of it I hope you enjoy it and PLEASE leave me a feedback/comment if you like it or might found a bug!

Tell your friends about it and play it together on 1 PC ^^
Leave a comment /Feedback ^^