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Thread: Controller repeating an action?

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    Controller repeating an action?

    I'm making a platformer and one of the boss levels, you can use bullets to kill the boss, when space bar is pressed it only creates one bullet, holding it down does nothing (which is good) but with my xbox 360 controller it repeats every frame when the button is held down, what do i do?

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    Hey, you can throw in Special Conditions -> Limited Conditions -> Only one action when even loops

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    I prefer to use a counter as a cooldown as it gives me exact control of how often a button press can be repeated. Something like this:

    Repeat while Button A is pressed ------> Set Cooldown to 20 (or whatever value you like), Fire bullet (or whatever action you want)
    + Cooldown = 0

    Cooldown > 0 -----> subtract 1 from Cooldown

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