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Thread: Jump Event for Platform Movement?

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    Jump Event for Platform Movement?

    I am using the default platform movement for Fusion, and I am trying to make the player jump again when it collides with something. Is there a jump event, and how do I do it?

    And no, I will not be using the Platform Movement object, the collision is subpar with it.

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    No there is no event for this.

    Code your own platform engine.

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    "Collision is subpar with it?"

    I mean, it's not perfect, but the physics platform movement... isn't exactly great either.

    Did you make sure to make a separate "detector" object when using the platform movement object? The collisions break badly if the hitbox size changes constantly, and using the same object for both animations and collisions typically does that... however, if you have any other collision-related problems, there may be other tricks to use that can help. For example, the platform movement object doesn't usually, in my experience, like when you try using the detector object for collisions not related to floor collisions, so if you use a second detector object, it goes a long way.

    Really, your only other option is to make your own custom movement, the physics platform movement is inadequate for anything beyond basic customization. Which, mind you, is plenty for some games, just not most of them.

    ...also, you are using the physics platform movement, right...? Not the old, buggy, glitchy one from Multimedia Fusion 2? I sure hope so.

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