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Thread: Get Object no longer working (HTML5 Export)

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    Angry Get Object no longer working (HTML5 Export)

    Dear Clickteam,

    After upgrading to the latest version of Clickteam Fusion the Get object doesn't seem to be working anymore, I use it in a HTML5 website I built.

    I also tested it with a new project simply to see if it would display simple text files it would load by clicking 2 buttons, nothing showed up. I tried replacing the Get.MFX with several other versions but it will only work exporting from a fresh install from the old Clickteam fusion, with the extensions updated from the manager.

    This is a real problem / hassle for me, I am hoping there is a simple solution, maybe you (or someone here) has the right version of Get.MFX for me (also with an unicode version) which I could put in my new Clickteam fusions extension and runtime dir so that it will work again. I use Clickteam Fusion Developer, latest version.

    I went from 284.10 in which the website compiled to HTML5 DOES work to the latest new version.

    I hope I explained everything correctly and that you can give me some solid advice on what to do. Thank you in advance.

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    Question: did you (re)install the latest version of Fusion 2.5 AFTER installing the HTML5 exporter? If not, please do it and retry. The Fusion update patch will update the HTML5 exporter if it's outdated.

    If this still doesn't work, could you post a simple MFA that shows the problem?

    PS: this message should be posted in the Fusion 2.5 / HTML5 Exporter section. I'll move it after you answer.

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