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Thread: Linking my steam account + mci question

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    Linking my steam account + mci question

    hi guys,
    i could post on forum up to several month ago , most of the questions iv had seem to get solved with search button. been trying to add my steam account to use forum "you have already added a steam ID to your community account you may only use one ID" is the msg i get but i dont have access to rest of forum. ? + none of my CF2.5 products show on this profile. DEV + android , uwp , ios , html. any ideas whats up "made profile fully public while trying to add" no joy ... :S

    question i want to ask is ,, MCI = cannot find answer for what i need this for , iv been trying to work out the windows command so i can pass "OS/What you hear" sound through MCI before its played through speakers , but like a filter , e.q playing a mix on youtube, or watching catch up service , audio will pass thought clickteam made software before it reaches speakers/output . or is there a better extension to do this ?

    thanks alot

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    @Sonic we only provide support for our products (excluding Fusion 2.5 Free) to registered customers. Please click on the Community Passport link in the menu bar above to do this, then you will gain access to the customer-only support areas.

    If you're having an issue, please open a ticket at and someone will assist you.

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