I want to build a tree with branches that independently bend, sway, and perhaps even break according to physics.

In order to accomplish this I was hoping to create branch segments then joint them together, but because said segments are identical objects, issues arise. While a lot of things involving identical objects can be bypassed via giving them distinct numbers within alterable values, the "joint X to Y" command doesn't provide any way of clarifying "joint branch with Alterable Value=1 to branch with Alterable Value=2". While I could create an intermediate object then joint both of them to it individually, additional objects to a segmented physics object seems like a recipe for errors, slowdowns, and other problems. I've also pondered using the rope and chain physics object as the branch instead, but that has the same problem, and I've been struggling to get ropes linked even when they are different objects.

Is there some trick I'm missing here? Also while we're on the topic, regarding the possibility of breaking branches, is there any variable that can check for 'pressure' on a physics-based object?