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Thread: Build 292.14 - Release version

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    Following on @marbenx

    Imagine if you could organize and put in your own little "blue section titles" as well. Instead of dividing by type like value, string, flag it would be on your own terms in whatever categories you like.

    A character object in your game could have variables organized like:

    Name: chrilley
    Race: Clicker
    Type: Friendly

    Level: 1
    Health: 10
    Strength: -1
    Intelligence: Guppy fish

    Slot1: Klik n Play CD
    Slot2: Peanut
    Slot3: Two cents

    etc. etc.
    And clicking a value/flag/string label would also allow you to change it's description text at the bottom. Great for reminders/notes. I found those super helpful for shaders where you could add them via XML.

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    Something like what you guys are all suggesting would be awesome!

    As my project gets more complex and I implement and/or consolidate more of Spryke's functionality, I'm finding myself wading deeper and deeper out into the land of distant altVals. For example, I'm currently building an NPC movement system that will let me quickly and easily apply various preset movements to various objects with a simple command (eg. "moveToSpryke" can move any object to where Spryke is, using a sine ease-in-out movement....or "jumpHeavy" will make something move up using a "back" ease-in movement, then pause briefly, then back down using a quadratic ease-out movement, to give the impression of a bulky object jumping). To ensure I can use this system on anything (NPCs, enemies, death-camera that glides from death point to respawn point, whatever...), and to ensure that I can do all sorts of things using this system (move smoothly, move abruptly, move with overshoot, rotate, scale, switch animation, fade, reappear, etc. etc. etc.) I need to reserve a whole bunch of altVals on all my objects, starting at Alterable Value BA:

    I'm infinitely grateful for 's altVal increase, because without it what I'm doing basically wouldn't be feasible. But I do wonder how far into 'distant altVal land' I'm going to have to go eventually. At the moment, if I create an object that I want to support this movement system, I have to click the "New" button some 75 times so I can reach the required altVals. When I add some other system in the future, that will be 90 clicks, and so on

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    @Volnaiskra What a nightmare! But... I think we can optimize it. It'll mean more objects, but less work. Here's my idea:

    When an NPC or other Active that requires this movement system is created, also create a EZMover object at its location. Set it to not be visible at start (so also turn off Save Background and Transparent to save that kilobyte of VRAM), give it an EZID alterable value equal to the fixed value of the parent object, and set its X and Y position to always be equal to the parent object's X and Y.

    Now for this EZMover object, give it all the movement values you've listed above. You'll use this to store and set the values you need to compare to, but do the actual movement on the parent object. As long as each line for movement is scoped to the child object (ie EZID("EZMover")=Fixed Value("player") or whatever), you can run movement calculations on a single EZ object and then transfer those values over to the parent object quickly and easily. This way you don't need to make 255 individual but generalized movement values per object, and can instead reserve their alterable values for stuff that is specific to that object.

    Alternately you could dynamically fill an array with these movement values for every single individual object and read from that array but hoo boy is that gonna be a pain to keep track of.

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