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Thread: Quick Question About Movement Switching

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    Quick Question About Movement Switching

    Alright, so I've figured out how to get the drag and drop system to work in general.

    However; what I'm trying to do is make it to where I can "drag and drop" two different items...
    the first, a cookie, was easy I just have it to where it's movement in general is the drag and drop type.

    the second on the other hand, is a creature that has a "bouncing ball" movement as it's default movement because that was the best way I could get a "random movement" look for it walking around.

    The issue I'm having with the creature is this:
    It doesn't want to drag and drop.

    My issue before this was that I was using an active object as my custom cursor which I didn't know that would cause as many issues as it did.
    Ok got rid of the mouse controlled active object and replaced it with the actual cursor object. Done.

    What's odd is, I can make the creature be able to have the drag and drop movement work if I tell it to "run this event once" but if I change how I'm doing things and get rid of that one command it don't work again.

    If you know any way to make the swap between bouncing ball and drag and drop movements work that would be awesome, otherwise how do I go about looping the thing that works when running an event one time means that it will never run again?

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    Drag and Drop is super easy to do without having to change the object's built-in movement system. Especially since you're using a Clickteam system instead of a custom one, you shouldn't have to worry too much about physics or anything like that.

    The simplest way to do this is Repeat while Left Mouse Button is Clicked and Repeat while Mouse is Over Creature. Both of these can be found under the Mouse/Keyboard control. Then, set the creature's X and Y position to XMouse and YMouse respectively.

    That's the barebones way to do it. You can get more complicated later on to help clear up any collision issues, but at the very least you'll be able to keep the bouncing ball movement on the creature and not have to swap between movement sets for basic inputs.

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