Aimed at those who are experts at creating active player objects with multiple movements, without causing bugs.
Those who have had time to test my project in progress will have noticed that I am attempting to create characters with the Street Fighter II controls feature.
To clarify, the character should jump up, diagonal right and left diagonal simply by using the lever.
With the buttons he must do other things (fire, punches, kicks and special moves).

Instead you have to press a separate button to jump diagonally, with the jump options available.

I have tried several times to customize the Phisics Platform Movement.
For example: upon pressing up: select movement Phisics bouncing ball: animation jumping is over: select movement Platform.
Or: upon pressing up: set alterable value "jumping" to 1: animation Jumping is over: set alterable value "jumping" to 0. Etc. Etc.
But nothing to do, a mess happens!
These are the ClickTeam fusion options available to customize the jump of the Phisics Platform Movement:


Here to test again!

Keys for test: shift= jump; ctrl= fire; space bar= punch; z= kick.
Holding pressed "left" and "space bar", after two second holding pressed "space bar" and press "right"= drgon's fire!
Holding pressed "left" and "z", after two second holding pressed "z" and press "right"= hurricane kick!