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Thread: Was wondering how to resume animation sequence on Active Object after pausing

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    Was wondering how to resume animation sequence on Active Object after pausing

    Hi Fellow Clickers
    I was wondering if you might know how to fix this problem,
    I have created a pause button because I don't want to use a key to pause and resume,
    I have a Donkey object that is set on the Path Movement, and it pauses and resumes fine, however when you resume the game, the Donkeys walk animation does not resume?,
    I am very confused about this, I have tried adding Resume Current Animation, or even switching animations and then playing that animation nothing works,
    I am using bouncy ball for some of the AI in other levels, and I have tried that with the Donkey but it does not work as well as the path,

    The donkey is only supposed to patrol(in a sense) around the level and when you walk into it, it reverses direction something that is very hard to incorporate on a bouncy ball I find,
    I really appreciate any help anyone can give,

    Thanks for your time and energy, let me know if you need a copy of the level to look at, I tried posting one here but it exceeds the max files size.

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    Have you tried all these:

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