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Thread: [WIP] Super Mario Bros. Fusion

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    Quote Originally Posted by vSv View Post
    I have made some custom sprites to the game and this includes some custom Mario animations as well. However, most if not all of the sprites are from their original games.
    I've tried to recreate both the levels, enemies and behaviors from the original games as close as I can and then make everything work together.
    They look spot on to me! Fingers crossed the likes of Nintendo won't get funny about you using so many of their IP's, heard some scary stories about people with great fan projects getting cease and desist letters

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    Very cool. Good to see you back in action on this. I've been off fusion now for quite some time and just recently got in the mood to start some old skool mario stuff again in the form of a minigame. Amazing to see you've been so dedicated to this project for so many years. You definitely got a lot more patience than I do lol.

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    @render8 at first I thought this WAS your game lol. but then I realised it wasn't you, it was another "Mario maker"

    & glad to hear your getting back into it again.

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