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Thread: Using Apppath$ whilst testing game?

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    Using Apppath$ whilst testing game?

    I'm trying to use
    Apppath$ + "music\song1.ogg"
    to play a song using Looki's sound extension, but this doesn't work during testing the game. I've tried putting the music folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Clickteam Fusion Developer 2.5\Data\Runtime\Unicode so that Apppath$ would see it, but it doesn't for some reason, is there a way of doing this so I can test the game have Apppath$ work?

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    IIRC "Apppath$" returns your mfa's path if you test it in fusion (not the path of edrt/edrtex.exe), and your exe's path when you run from the stand-along.
    You can simply send "Apppath$" to debugger to see the real path.

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