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Thread: Any way to change the order of global events, frame events and behaviours?

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    Any way to change the order of global events, frame events and behaviours?

    Normally when you create something in Fusion the order of events is:

    1. Frame Events
    2. Global Events
    3. Object Behaviours

    Is there any way to change this order so that Fusion executes the Global events first?


    Little bit of background info on the reason for the question: whenever I add controller support or multiple inputs for the same function to a game, I tend to filter all the inputs down to an Active object with Alt vals for each input.
    E.g. While the player is pressing Right DPAD/Right Arrow/Thumbstick X axis passes a threshold, the Alt val for "right pressed" is set to a value >0, and each frame this ticks down back to 0

    This makes testing for player input a bit easier since I only have to test one object each time instead of multiple objects, and has the added benefit of avoiding some issues like a player moving twice as fast because they've pressed *both* the right arrow key and button on a gamepad/joystick

    Normally I would insert the code for checking inputs at the beginning of the frame's events, and the code for 'ticking down' the input at the end of the frame events - which is great if the game happens across a single frame but if you've got multiple frames it requires a bit of copying and pasting, and putting these events in global events and having them tested first would make it a bit easier

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    I just did a quick test, and it looks like events are executed in the following order:

    Frame *green* events
    Global *green events
    Frame regular events
    Global regular events

    In other words, if you put an event containing a green condition in your global events, it *will* be executed before frame events (but not before the frame's green events).

    This is of limited use since there aren't many green conditions (though if you got clever you could possibly make it work using the green "pressed any key" condition in your case, though you'd still have a problem with gamepad events.

    I agree that having this functionality would be very useful, for the reason you describe, but I can think of some other uses too.

    @Yves , would it be possible to give us a new green condition that functioned essentially as a green version of "always"? It could be called something like "Start of Events" or "always (immediate)" and would push that event to the front of the queue, perhaps also before all other green conditions. (though frame green events would continue to be executed before global green events, including this one).

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    I'll check if we can add order options.

    "Green always": the green conditions can be called at any time, either from other events, or during collision tests, or when Windows sends an event, etc, they aren't called all in a row, so I'm not sure where a green Always condition should be called from. And it would be a bit confusing. But I see your point.

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    I think now global events can and will be used for entire engine work, there could probably be some options for calling events in specific order. Being able to reuse events over all frames is incredibly useful and it would be really nice to be able to specify how and when certain events or groups are run, especially if frame specific events or groups are needed.

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    I just tend to keep my Always events toward the top of the code so that they get executed first, but in terms of keeping things organized I can see where green Always events would come in handy, just so they don't fall out of Groups and such.

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