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Thread: Admob not closing properly?

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    Admob not closing properly?


    I am not sure what it is, but
    when I try so show an ad, and I hit the close, it doesn't jump to my next frame. Instead it seems to be getting a part of my main frame, and then when randomly click it works.

    it seems that the events

    On Dismissed screen is ignored.
    So I added a new event On Return from ad
    but that one seems to be ignored as well.

    Tried API 28 and 29 but no difference
    Min is 4.03/4.04
    Targ = 9.0 also tried 8.0

    This is all I have for the events

    all events.PNG

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    mm this basic example modify to use dismissed event work for banners/interstitial/rewardvideo

    so if you show a banner present in screen and dismiss it jump to interstitial if you present a interstitial and dismiss jump to video and from video jump back to banner

    let me know if this works for you
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    Fernando Vivolo

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