Hello! I have set up 2 leaderboards on Steamworks they work but I have 2 troubles ( and Steam support hasn't answered yet! )

1-If I create a leaderboard title with many spaced words ex: BEST TIME Steamworks extension in F2.5 won't find the board ( I have tried Find leaderboard "BEST TIME" and "BEST$TIME" it doesn't work )
2-In Steamworks you can choose your leaderboard to display num/sec/millisec I thought at first that choosing seconds and entering a time value expressed in sec would display a proper Hou/Min/sec format

ex: Value 263 would display 4 min and 23 sec 4'23'' on the board But it doesn't!! It shows 263 wich is quite bad looking for a time display.

Anyone knows how that works please?