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Thread: Export game to IOS

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    Question Export game to IOS

    I don't have a macbook, but I would like my future game to be available for iOS. Is it possible to use a virtual machine? Is there any free online server that simulates macbook?
    Should I buy the Fusion 2.5 Developer version comes with the IOS exporter?
    Is there any difference in buying Fusion by Steam or Clickteam?

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    To build an iOS app you can use either the standard version of Fusion or the Developer version, with the iOS exporter. The Developer version will give you features that don't exist in the standard version and are useful for commercial apps (like the iOS Store object). EDIT: the iOS exporter doesn't come with the Developer version, it's an add-on / DLC that you have to get separately.

    Once you've built an iOS project with Fusion and the iOS exporter, you'll need a Mac to test and build your iOS app with Xcode. If you have no Mac, you can rent one online, someone else mentioned this web page recently:

    EDIT: no difference between the stand-alone and Steam versions of Fusion, except the Steam version has no Mac version for the editor (but given the current problem with Catalina and as you have no Mac, you don't need it).

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