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Thread: I lost my registration code

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    Exclamation I lost my registration code

    I can't remember my password and the E-Mail i used for my clickteam account is now terminated.
    What do i do,


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    On the bar links above you will find one that says "Customer Service"

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    As nivram advises,you will need to contact Clickteam directly to get this resolved. I believe that it is worth mentioning in your communication with Clickteam that you are registered on the forum under the name SirAlez and that you added Fusion 2.5 to your community passport. You can also note your original e-mail address and the e-mail address you use on the forum. I'm not sure what other information they might need, but if you ordered the product from Clickteam themselves they might be interested in the address they posted it to when you ordered it from their store. Good luck getting your registration code back!

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