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Thread: [WIP] SMB1 Minigame Project

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    [WIP] SMB1 Minigame Project

    Hey folks. Been some time since I've toyed with Fusion, but got this idea based on an older fangame I saw some time back and decided to go for a more smaller scaled project. It's pretty barebone, but a lot of work has already gone on under the hood. The idea I have in mind will be basically stay alive as long as possible while trying shooting for the highest score possible by use of coins, powerups and enemy kill combos. I'd even eventually like to implement an online high score system to compete with other players, but I've never tried that before. Also, I'm hoping in time, when the game comes together better, to design more stages to play on with more assortments of enemies and obstacles.

    No enemies have been put in place yet as I've just finished up a pretty basic random spawning system as you can see from the coins. My hope is to have the enemies spawn in a similar fashion in different ways. I'm also shooting to do a 3 heart life system so every time you get hit, you lose a heart. Lose all 3 it's game over. However, the coins will serve as a heart replenisher (hope I spelled that right). I'm thinking for every so many collected, you get a refilled heart. If you have full hearts already, then maybe award a powerup of some sort. Lots of ideas but just taking small steps and trying to pay attention to details first.

    Also, in case if anyones confused on what I'm trying to do with the P-Switch and POW blocks, basically in time, the bumpable mystery blocks will contain a randomly generated objected. So it can be a coin one time, a powerup the next, or even an enemy of some sort. The P-Switch serves two purposes. The switch will reactivate any dead mystery blocks an unlimited amount of times while also shaking the screen an collecting up any free roaming coins. The P-Switch will not affect enemies though. Also, the P-Switch will reactivate after so many seconds of being stomped on, so essentially it will be unlimited in use with the exception of waiting in between reactivating times.

    The POW block in a sense acts the same except it will not reactivate dead mystery blocks and it has a 3 use limit and it will be dead until the next game. It will however kill enemies that are on the ground and also collect any free roaming coins on the ground.

    Just a quick mashed together video to see it in action so far. Nothing mindblowing though, fair warning. :P

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    Always nice to see your video updates! Are you going to use the regular SMB. enemies with their behaviors or do you plan to create other enemies? The first enemy that came to mind was the crabs from Mario Bros. on the NES.

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