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Thread: Pause system using Game and Pause groups, "only one event" fires upon un-pause?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janette5 View Post
    At some point is paused ticked is going to equal 0 and you're not providing for that.

    So it will add 1 while it is negative and then stop at zero. Your next step is to test it when it equals 1 and I don't see where it's going to go from 0 to 1 (unless that's just not part of your screenshot).

    From my understanding - the code that you have written will cause Fusion to play a sound once every frame loop. From what you're explaining you don't want Fusion to do that - but that's more or less what you've programmed.

    If you want the sound to trigger on an action then you can change it to:

    User Shoots
    Set Sound = 1

    If sound = 1
    Play sample
    Set sound = 0
    I guess what I'm looking for is a way of testing "only one event" against the paused state, but really what I need to do is have an object full of unique flags for every "only one event" event, set on the first time and check each time if it's on or not to really guarantee it won't run again (or use "run only once" if it truly only needs to run once).

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    It sounds to me like you're using a different feature - Fusion has the built-in feature that it will stop doing something if there was no trigger, or in some cases "only one event" will not run again until there is a trigger. (It's why I avoid using that command.) It sounds like you're getting that scenario - where you're using "only one event" to make something not happen until that trigger. But the pause - activate / deactivate is interfering with that.

    If you're not using the built-in pause then as you say, you'd have to set flags or values to control it yourself - unless you have a moving object or action that you can control or test against rather than flags i.e. if the object hasn't moved.

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