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Thread: How to weave a cobweb of a spider via a wipe option of an active object.

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    Janette5 : Thank you very much . The discovery of distinct alterable values was brilliant. In my game the alterable values A and B serve for other events. But it is not a problem, I just need to have patience to replace them with alterable values AF AG etc.

    Only if you have time, check this in the whole project, if you want you can also modify it and suggest me if, for example, the story I put in the demo is childish or in incorrect English, if you can improve collisions sprites etc. etc.

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    I'm confused - that link just takes me to another thread with a single example that has no story in it.

    By the way when you have an event that is red - it is because its an immediate event that should be first in the list to trigger correctly - if you move it there, it turns green.

    If you're going past Alterable Value Z then you probably have 2.5+ DLC and I don't - so then your .mfa won't work by me - I apparently only have 24 or so values (I've never needed more than 8) - but I'd be happy to check the English for you.

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