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Thread: Creating pop-up instructions for an app?

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    Question Creating pop-up instructions for an app?

    Hi all! I'm struggling my way through learning to make an app which will allow people to set a specific goal on one page, then track progress toward the goal on another page. I want the goal page to have a text that pops up the first time it's used explaining what to do. Right now what I'm coming across is that the text keeps appearing below the user input boxes I already have on the page - I can't get it to come out on top no matter what I try. I've tried using fusion options to move it to front, I've tried using the layer object, but nothing seems to do it. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you!

    Edit: I tried to attach the mfa to show what I have so far, but I guess it's too big to attach? I'm using the 'Combo Box' as a drop down box for people to choose their goal from and the 'String' object for the text I want to appear at first. The 'Combo Box' persists in appearing in front of the 'String' no matter what I do.

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    The combo box is a windows control so it will always be on top you will either Have to hide the combo box or use a sub-app
    (Windows Only). The way you are doing it may have different results on other platforms I’m not sure

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