Clearly there are tons of device aspects so I want my actives to be pinned to the edges/corners of the screen but not be stretched etc. At the same time I dont want any black bars. I'm runing on Android and I've tried all the display options available (Fit Inside and adjust window size etc) but none of them seem to do the desired effect. WHat is more is that there are settings in the main application tab like Change Resolution Mode/ Resize Display to fill window and Keep screen ratio which just confuse everything.

Anyway, I think I've tried most combination on an actual android device but I cant get it to work.

I don't mind programmatically positioning/scaling elements but its hard to know what base display I should be using. I don't want anything stretched by default unless I code an individual object to do so but I want to be able to access in code the
entire device frame.

Anyone know best practice? Cheers