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Thread: Returning string from expression

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    Returning string from expression


    I am having trouble returning a string to Fusion from an expression using EDIF. The string in question is a TCHAR* stored in the Extension class. Nothing I have tried gets the string back to Fusion. I've tried all manner of conversions (long like in the rSDK, LPCWSTR, WideCharToMultiByte) and Runtime.CopyString. It either returns nothing or is messed up. I am able to display the string using MessageBox, so I know the string is valid.


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    In Edif/DarkEdif, to return a string:
    1) Make sure the expression's "Returns" is "Text" in the JSON file.
    2) Next, the return type of the expression should be const TCHAR *.
    3) Next, make sure you link the expression with LinkExpression(ID, FunctionName) in Extension.cpp, in Extension's constructor, which should be the top function in the file.
    4) In your return statements, use return Runtime.CopyString(str); where str is your variable/text to return.
    If returning a literal text, "like that", use _T("like that").

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