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Thread: Please help, even when 'destroyed' at start of frame Steam plugin logs into Steam

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    Please help, even when 'destroyed' at start of frame Steam plugin logs into Steam

    I'm using the same MFA for several exporter versions/target platforms for my game. I've got the Steamworks object in most frames.
    I use a Global string called "Platform" and when that global value is set to anything other than "STEAM" then at start of every layout I destroy the Steam object.

    Despite this when I build and run this NON-STEAM version of the game it always logs into Steam and shows the prompt to call up the steam overlay!

    Can this be fixed? Do I really need to go into every last frame of the MFA and delete the actual steamworks plugin before exporting, and then hope to the heavens that I don't accidentally save after deleting them?
    Any ideas?

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    Can you not set it to not be created on start in its object properties, and create it if it's STEAM?
    Or does the popup still happen?

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