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Thread: Dynamic Touch Joystick Widget

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    Dynamic Touch Joystick Widget

    I bought the Dynamic Touch Joystick Widget in the clicktstore but it seems like I cant open it at all without having the android exporter? It says nowhere i need BOTH IOS and Android to open it? Im making games for IOS only, so is there a way around for this as i have no 70 EUR over for that exporter or any interest in making games for Android? I tried e-mail the creator (Bipolar Design) but no reply back..

    This is the one im talking about:


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    Bonjour je pense c est du qu il a laisse dans les parametre en mode android il fautrait que l auteur le enrengitre en mode windows.
    Hello I think that's what he left in the parameters in android mode, the author should enter it in windows mode.

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    EXACT same thing just happened to me, purchased widget on clickstore to make an iOS game. & it says i need android extension.

    did i just waste my money?

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