Reporting here since is currently unavailable.

So I'm using my own custom font via Embed Font object. The font is embedded at the start of the scene (so that those who don't have this font on their device - everyone - will see it properly).
The string object types the text letter by letter (to make it look like a character is speaking) by simple logic:



- every X seconds
- the number of letters currently displayed (alterable value) is < than Length of this paragraph


- add +1 to the number of letters currently displayed (alterable value)
- display Len(text_to_display, number of letters currently displayed)


Everything seems to work fine (the text types itself and then stops when it's reaching the last letter). Except for 2 bugs that I can't fix by any way. A guy I've asked to help me to review my code told me that the problem is with using a custom font (because if you turn off custom font - those bugs vanish). So the bugs are:

1) Sometimes the last line of the paragraph does not show up (even though the string says it does contain it). Here's an example:

In my example the last word "Милорд." was supposed to transfer to the next line of paragraph (and it did because during 1 tick you can see it appearing and then just disappearing again). It happens only if the last line of displayed paragraph does not contain " " (spacebar). If it does - then the text is transferred as usual.

2) Sometimes if the last letter was a punctuation mark (.,!?) and there was no space for it, then instead of transferring the last word with this punctuation mark, the game transfers only the puntuation mark to the next line of text displayed. Because of that the text looks broken. Here's an example:


Those bugs are not gamebreaking, but I would like them to get fixed if it's possible. Thanks in advance!