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Thread: Paid job: Developer needed for GPS Tour Guide App.

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    Smile Paid job: Developer needed for GPS Tour Guide App.

    Hello Fusioneers! Firstly, I tried to post this in the Developer Services Section but can't as I haven't bought Fusion..yet! If an admin could move it there that would be helpful- Thanks.

    Ive been tasked with creating a GPS Guided Tour style app for a tourist spot: Rudyard Lake in Staffordshire, UK.

    To be honest, I really dont know the foggiest about making apps. I initially contacted various Tour guide App makers and we were quoted between 3K-7K, plus 500/year costs. Ouch!

    I have also been considering using Fusion. I used to use Click & Create back in the day (20 years ago now, so rusty!) but understand its now possible to build apps with it that have GPS features/functionality.

    I am looking for someone to collaborate with to get this made fairly quickly. I should be able to handle creating the tours (graphics, photos, copy) and basic event editor stuff but need someone to help out with the technical side of things.

    Ideally someone who:

    Is (very) skilled in Fusion.
    Has experience using Fusion to make apps for iOS/android?
    Can offer assistance in making the basic foundations for the map & UI, knows the correct resolutions to use and whatnot.
    Has a mac, knowledge of x-code, android and apple development?
    Knows how to use Fusions GPS stuff, e.g to create beacons from coordinates.
    Can work via phone, skype chat, dropbox etc to send files/updates.

    Theres about 1000 in it for the right person, obv. depending on how much work is involved and what you can bring to the proverbial table!

    If youre interested please send me a PM, any suggestions on how to go about making this along with some examples of apps youve made would be a bonus.

    More info about the app:

    - We ideally want it to be for Android & iOS
    - There will be a main menu allowing the user to choose between several small tours/guides. e.g Canoe Trail, Walking, Fishing, Steam Train
    - When the user gets within a GPS beacon, a small pop up will open within the app, playing audio, showing pictures and text (similar to a basic phone website).
    - The user should be able to pinch zoom in and out of the map, (e.g frame bigger than screen size) and also be able to open the info panels by pressing on the beacons (so it works without GPS too).
    - This might be a bit ambitious but it would also be good to include a couple of really simple games such as fishing.. possibly a boat related one or treasure hunt? Just an idea.

    Here a few mockup screenshots, (the colour scheme will hopefully be much nicer!)


    RudyardApp 1 - Title Screen Dark.jpg
    RudyardApp 4 - Activity Screen Dark.jpg
    RudyardApp 5 - Canoe Trail.jpg
    RudyardApp 6 - Canoe Trail Zoomed.jpg
    RudyardApp 9 - Info Popup.jpg

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    Also, just wanted to add that if the GPS stuff turns out to be too complicated then we may just have the tours as a number of 'beacons' that people can just click (tap) on. Cheers.

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    I'm moving this to the correct forum and have given you access to it @DaveP - please let me know if you have any issues posting or anything.

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