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Thread: Fusion 3 & related questions

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    Fusion 3 & related questions

    I would like to start by saying Clickteam has done a great job on all of their software developments all the way back to Klick & Play. What has been done allowing users with no programming knowledge to create amazing applications and games is without parallel. Great Work! I have some questions regarding Fusion 3 & Fusion 2.5 to influence my decisions on purchasing:

    1- When is the projected release date of Fusion 3?
    2- How much will fusion 3 cost?
    3- Will Fusion 3 have version varients the same as 2.5? (ie standard & developer)
    4- Will Fusion 3 be backwards compatible? (able to open and work on apps made with 2.5)
    5- Will Fusion 3 have 3D capability? (ie like firefly)
    6- Will Fusion 3 come with the exporters or will they be seperate? (android, ios, ect)
    7- Upon release of Fusion 3, will Fusion 2.5 be reduced in price?
    8- After release of Fusion 3, will there still be updates on Fusion 2.5?

    Thanks for your time and keep up the great work!

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    This area is for Fusion 2.5 Free users only. Please register your products in the passport (link at the top) and you'll be able to access the other areas of the forum.


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