Tank of Fusion is a game I think is cool. My problem now is how do I split the game into small pieces so I can understand the code.

There is only one file! I miss the tutorial section of the clickstore when you buy a game so write in the comments or description that the game is split up so you can understand the game.

Let me try to explain what I mean!

1st tutorial - landscape - hills
2. 1 tank running on landscape
3. Shoot from tank on landscape
4. Effects
5. and so on.

I now know to fill a lot, maybe 500 MB for all the tutorial. Right now
is everything programmed in a tutorial and I can't see the code as it is? I gave up! Just paid 100 DKK for something I can't use.

I don't think it's OK now as you just buy a file and that's it.