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Thread: Scrolling problem - Objects vibrate when we move around the stage

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    It could be the speed of your layers vs the speed of the ship. I know you are going for a slow speed to start with but, try adjusting the speed of the x/y coefficients and see if that helps. It straightened them out when i turned them up higher.

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    1st - make high resolution like 4k and "scale to fit" - that makes the individual pixel smaller to the game logic and the problem less visible.
    2nd - use apply force for continuous movement - apply impulse is ... well ... just think you sit in your car and give gas, release gas, give gas, release gas ..... you will stutter along the road, in your example with the values you chose its not so visible but it will give hickups with some higher impulse values.
    3rd - if you want a lower resolution like 1280x720 just use the windows control object and set screen width/height (NOT frame size) on start of frame.
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