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Thread: How to sort sprites objects and backgrounds in three layers avoiding clutter?

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    How to sort sprites objects and backgrounds in three layers avoiding clutter?

    In this project of mine,
    I decided to order the objects in three layers (perhaps for this reason that causes problems with scrolling, because I put everything in one layer)
    I would like to sort the items as follows:
    -Player sprites and enemies in layer 1
    -The platforms and objects that decorate (such as trees, ice columns etc.) in layer 2
    -Panorama background objects in layer 3
    But happens that moving the platforms in layer 2, they change the order of view, even if I force the events with "always - bring behind this object - bring forward other object etc."
    In the event editor, in some boxes where the object was created, it allows me to move the object to other layers, while in other event boxes where object was created, it does not allow me to do it.
    This means that I should recreate every single "create object" event specifying in which layer to put it, and these are too many!
    Maybe my mistake was that I had to do it from the beginning.
    Isn't there a method to do this safely?

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    You have your layers reversed - the panorama background needs to be layer 1, the platforms layer 2, the player layer 3. But then the player won't have an interaction with the platform.

    Layer 2 objects will always be in front of layer 1 objects etc.

    If your events have qualifiers you can do a generic:

    Always = move qualifier x to layer 2

    Also have a look at the layer object - if you have a look at the help file there, it might give you some ideas of what it can do. (I have used it only to sort things on the same layer - but there's a lot of talk in the forums that it can "flatten" layers.)

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