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Thread: I'm very new to clickteam

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    Smile I'm very new to clickteam

    So I bought clickteam back in 2017 and basically I never used it because I have no clue about it. Recently I have done the tutorials and I'm still not sure about much. I have been looking up stuff that can help me with clickteam but I can't find anything that helps. How have you guys learnt how to use clickteam?

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    Hey and welcome!

    First off, Fusion 2.5 should come with a helpfile. You can press F1 while Fusion is running to open it. Admittingly, it's not the best manual in the world, but at least it has a quick overview of most of the features.

    I then recommend going through the included Chockobreak tutorial which should give you as basic understanding of some of the key elements in Fusion.

    After that, you should take a look at the official Clickteam tutorials:

    There are also unofficial tutorials and example files both in the forums and elsewhere, and there's youtube videos.

    But most importantly, the forums! The forums are like a huge archive of Fusion related problems and solutions.

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    What was posted above ^ is helpful. Welcome back to Fusion! 8)

    I learn by others examples. I play their demos, prototypes and see how they did things and go from there. In addition to Clickteam's examples, these are other great resources:

    Some examples may work best in 2.0, save them and then open copies of them in Fusion 2.5.

    2.0 is good for opening ancient Fusion and Game Factory files, save them, then open copies of them in 2.5 and then save those inside 2.5.

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    Welcome aboard!

    Practice, experiment, and use every resource at your disposal.

    You'll be cooking things up soon enough!

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