Hi! I found this great doc with a lot of translations ready to use with our games/apps.

Take a look!!


"Start localizing your game, using this human translated resource for the basics. After getting the groundwork done, it is easier to improve and expand with professional translation services. Polyglot aims to be a solid launchpad for indiedevs to start localizing their games, starting with Menus and Settings. No complex phrases, no word combining, only structures like Health : 3 are supported.

This crowdsourced document is available free of charge. It can be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Credit and attribution are appreciated, but not required. CC0 Zero Copyright

You are encouraged to contribute (see Contributing, below).
Users, be warned that the quality and accuracy of the translations provided are not 100% guaranteed.
If you have questions, comments or suggestions then leave a comment on this page at the very bottom, or write to karmakallio at gmail."