hi this is Leonixburner I wanted to bulid an ai for clickteam fusion 2.5

its for a fighting game im trying to make

11-up right
12-up left
13-down right
14-down left

1-light punch
2-strong punch
3-heavy punch

4-light punch
5-strong punch
6-heavy punch

this is what I have so far town movement by code and the controls are like solid the way I want to be done like street fighter
I want the cpu to be able to do the following.

1.chase the player if retreating contantly
2.player jump? 1-counter or 2-attack
3.player close to cpu ? 1-attack 2-move back 3-stand(like an ediot) 3-neutral jump 4-foward jump 5-backward jump 6-move forward
4.player far ? 1-moveset 2-crouch 3-move forward