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Thread: shopping trolley items pass through its walls

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    Question shopping trolley items pass through its walls

    I was making a supermarket trolley example tried a few ways but came into problems with the physic objects
    1st was the bouncing ball and it passing through an active object very slowly when it's supposed to stop moving
    2nd the ground physics was good but can't move them in runtime so shopping trolley has to be stationary but id like it to move so
    I came to the pinball movement now the ball will bounce in the trolley contents keeps going through the walls of the trolley when moving in directions can I someone help here?

    note: the example is using the active object (trolley) and pinball movement (an orange) bounces into trolley then slows down and sits in the trolley.
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    I was looking at your example, couldn't find a good solution. Apparently nobody else could either - since nobody has answered you.

    The only idea I have is to split your objects. So that each side that the ball can collide with is a different object. If you give everything the 8 direction movement - then everything will move together and you can move the trolley.

    In other words, make the left side 1 object, the bottom of the trolley, 1 object, the right side 1 object etc. The reason I'm suggesting this, is I think the ball is going through the object because there's an internal trigger somewhere in Fusion that says - I've already checked this object - and with the trolley shape - it needs to keep checking the same object over and over again - so having different objects might solve that. But this is just a guess.

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