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Thread: Debug with Steam version of Fusion

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    Debug with Steam version of Fusion

    Is it possible to debug on Fusion's Steam version with Visual Studio 2019 ?

    Can you tell me how do that please.


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    I helped Xenon on Discord, but if anyone else needs it...
    Steam has anti-debugger measures put in place, to prevent hacking. I don't think I've had a problem with the measures interfering recently, but if you do have your debugging unable to continue, use the Steam Anti-Anti-Debugger.

    Usage notes:
    1) Run Steam.
    2) Run the anti-anti-debugger.
    3) Select Steam from the drop-down list in the anti-anti-debugger.
    4) Run Fusion from Steam.
    5) In VS, select Debug > Attach to Process and attach to mmf2u.exe
    (if you start Fusion before you activate the anti-anti-debugger, it'll have the anti-debugger measures still in place)

    Safety notes:
    • Steam will see you as a potential hacker until you restart Steam.
    • Do not run any multiplayer game or anything you suspect has anti-hacking or anti-theft measures. They can detect the lost protection and can permanently ban you. Stick to messing with your Fusion ext, and restart Steam if you have any desire to use any other Steam apps.
    • It's not my app, I've used it.

    As a side note, it's useful to turn on "Microsoft Debug Symbol Servers" as a source for debugging info. All apps and extensions use the Windows OS DLL files, and Microsoft provide details for debuggers to use.
    You can enable the option inside VS with this. It turns all function names for Windows DLLs into readable names, rather than a random 0xDED address.
    Symbols that are loaded from their servers are cached, so the first debug of the day will take a while, but second and following will be pretty quick.

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