During these times, I searched for information on the Internet and tried to find A solution to switch from portrait scene A to landscape scene B, and scene B would not deform.
Finally, information prompt:
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If you want the software to switch between horizontal and portrait screens, it may require a different layout because the height and width of the vertical and portrait screens will change.
You can switch the layout by:

1) establish layout-land and layout-port directories in the res directory, and the corresponding layout files remain unchanged, such as main.xml.
Layout-land is landscape layout, and layout-port is portrait layout. If you don't care about anything else, the simulator will find it automatically.

2) determine whether the screen is landscape or portrait by this.getresources ().getconfiguration ().orientation and then load the corresponding XML layout file.
Because when the screen changes to landscape, the system calls the onCreate method of the current Activity again, you can put the following method in your onCreate to check the current direction, and then have your setContentView load the different layout XML.
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Therefore, the APK exported to android has the need to switch directions, which requires two layouts to prevent distortion
Request to optimize this by adding Settings to the android properties page to specify which layout to use for your scenario!

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