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Thread: User-input number in android app?

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    User-input number in android app?

    I'm trying to create a writer's goal-setting android app where the user can put in a goal number ("Write X words"), and then the app will track their progress. I want the user to be able to select a box (right now I have a counter there, but a different object might be better), type in any number they want, and then the app will store that number as a value (so it can compare the daily progress input until the user has reached their goal). I'm not sure how to get it to do that, however. Any help?


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    You can use an edit box - if the player clicks in it, it auto pops-up a keyboard. The player can type in any number in it. Then you can save it in an ini file - where you can retrieve it again. You'd have to check that it's a value though - or do something so that if the player types a letter instead of a number it doesn't crash everything. If you're just displaying it, then it won't matter.

    Another option would be to have up and down arrows next to a counter and if the user taps them - it increases or decreases the counter. You can save the value of the counter into the ini file - and retrieve it from there again. That way you're sure that they will be using a number. (But it might get tedious if they need to add a lot of days.)

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