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Thread: keystore password length limitations

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    keystore password length limitations


    Is there any limitation of keystore password in Fusion?
    I've got an app developed in other sofware and I want to move this project to fusion
    I made a blank app and try to sign it with my keystore file and each time I received an error:

    > Failed to read key idlesim from store ".......\true_key_copy_paste.keystore": Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect

    So I tried to create a keystore two more times - same error
    When I made a simplier password ('xxxxxx') applicaiton was build correctly (all other data in keystore was exactly the same)

    I tried to enter a password and copy paste them dozens times on each file, even I write a bot which enter password for me, to be 100% sure the password entered is good

    Did You know where is the limit?? Is it possible to fix this bug in one of future release?

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    What type of chars does the password use in this certificate ? ANSI?
    How many chars are you using for password?

    Fernando Vivolo

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