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Thread: Screen Width Not Matching device

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    Screen Width Not Matching device

    Trying to scale an active to match the screen dimensions. The height scales correctly but the width scales to about 90% of the screen. Whats wrong?

    * Start of Frame Active 6 : Set position at (0,0)
    Active 6 : Set Y scale to ScreenHeight( "Android object" ) / OHeight( "Active 6" ) (Quality = 1)
    Active 6 : Set X scale to ScreenWidth( "Android object" ) / OWidth( "Active 6" ) (Quality = 1)

    The hotspot/actionpoint of the active is top left.

    And why on earth is there not just a Set X Size (in pixels)? It would be much easier to do.


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    did you check what type of display mode you are using?

    to use full screen you must use stretch to fill

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    In my experience, it takes awhile for the app to "set" the proper screen sizes and such, therefor I always set a delay when I need something to resize or change according to the screen.
    So try to change "start of frame" to for example "when 2 seconds has passed" and see if it works. If it does, you know what the problem is.

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