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Thread: Are flags in the global event editor different than the frame event editor?

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    Are flags in the global event editor different than the frame event editor?

    In other words, can I have Flag 1 in the global event editor be something and then have Flag 1 in the frame even editor be something different? Just curious.

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    Flags belong neither to the frame event editor nor the global event editor. Instead, they belong to Active Objects. So if you have an Active Object called FredFlintstone with Flag 1 on, that flag will be on no matter where you happen to be editing FredFlintstone.

    So as far as the basic question goes, that part is very straightforward: Flags are tied to objects; which editor you're in doesn't matter.

    One potential, semi-related, complication that's worth pointing out though is what happens if you have lots of FredFlintstone objects in lots of different frames, and you haven't checked the "Global Object" checkbox for the FredFlintstone object. In that case, every FredFlintstone in every frame will be a separate instance. Which means that if you turn on FredFlintstone's Flag 1 in Frame 4, the FredFlintstones in Frames 1, 2, 3, & 5 will still have a Flag 1 that is off.

    Now, if you have some global events that refer to FredFlintstone, which FredFlintstone they refer to will depend on which frame you happen to be in. So if you have a global event that says "if flag 1("FredFlintstone") = on, then kiss WilmaFlintstone" then the kiss will not occur until your game finds itself in Frame 4 (eg. because you told it to "jump to frame 4").

    If you want to avoid this kind of complication, and you want just one FredFlintstone that is consistent, then just check the "global object" checkbox on FredFlintstone. Then, the state of his flag will be the same no matter which frame you're in, and no matter which editor you're referring to him from.

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