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Thread: Help with enemy vision & clipping

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    Help with enemy vision & clipping

    Hi, i'm trying to get an object to always follow another object; but for whatever reason the object i'm trying to get to follow another disappears. Which is weird because I've done this exact same thing in the same program earlier with the rifle and player. And I also did this another program. Ill include both programs.

    Also I am having a minor bug when you hold S the player character will clip through walls that you normally cant clip through, so if someone can help with that as well I would be very grateful.

    To get to where i'm having problems you go into 'Platform Shoot Game Backups', then '3-12-2020 V1.6', then 'Platform Shooter Game.mfa'
    The other program i already did this in is 'RPG and Platformer'

    Thank You!!!

    Platform Shoot Game Backups (2).zip
    RPG and

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    @RPGShooter as you're not using the Free version of Fusion, I'll need you to register your software on the Passport so you can access the correct area of the forum for help. Please visit the "Community Passport" section from the menu at the top and follow the instructions there.


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