Hi everyone,

I encountered with some difficulties trying to manipulate the position of items in the Frame Editor which were originally created in the Event Editor, either by the "Create Object" or by "Launch an Object..." condition.

Back in earlier versions of the engine, like Klik & Play / The Games Factory 1 / Click & Create, we had a check-box option under "Edit -> Level Editor Preferences" which called "Show objects created within a game". When that option was ticked, each and every object that was called to be created or to be shot by a character in the Event Editor showed within the Level Editor, and thus could be moved around - mainly for pixel-by-pixel fine-tuning of their position. It was very useful as you didn't have to mess around with logical positioning of created objects in the Event Editor - you just created the rule for the object to be showed in the Level Editor (no matter where), and then you went to the Level Editor to pick and move the object visually. Whatever position you placed it affected its Event Editor rule immediately. As for shooting objects, there was an additional triangle showing at the bottom of the character which indicated that there's a sub-menu for that character for created objects. And by right-clicking on the character that menu could be easily accessed and the created object could be selected for fine-tuning positioning. If there were 2 or more conditions for the character to shoot an object (for example one condition to shoot left and one to shoot right), that sub-menu showed 2 created objects and each one of them could be picked to be showed and manipulate.

This feature has been replaced in the newer engine and it's now called "Show Created Items" which can be accessed from the "Arrange" menu. But unfortunately it doesn't show the items where they should be in the frame but at the outside-top of the frame. Not only that, but manipulating the position of these top objects doesn't affect their position in the Event Editor condition. So basically there is no way to pixel-by-pixel fine tuning of created objects in the Level Editor. Is this a bug or something that could be added in a future patch?

Another matter which was raised by other members on this topic is that even if the condition for the creation of these objects is completely removed in the Event Editor, the items remain in the outside-top of the frame and they cannot be deleted. Back in Klik & Play / The Games Factory 1 / Click & Create when you deleted the condition responsible to creating / shooting objects, these objects were deleted in the Level Editor as well. Is this a bug?

I'm attaching a GIF that I made showing the feature that I'm looking for. This was captured from TGF1. I just made a simple character for this example and a fireball that I want it to shoot by pressing "Space bar".

TGF Created Objects.gif

Hope that someone could assist.