Hello world! I am making a FNAF fan game as my first go with the ClickTeam Fusion Dev edition. I've finished one version following the numerous tutorials online, but all of them had you manage the character moves with static event triggers. So the more characters you add, the more insane it was keeping up with all the if, then events.

I was thinking I could vastly reduce the amount of custom static events I would have to make if I was able to calculate out the change animation output. For example, my camera values would be 1,2,3,4,5. One character value is 10, the second character value is 100, third 1000, and so on. If I add the values together dynamically, I would have outputs like 5,15,115 and so on. My theory was that I could then name my animations as those values and pull them up via calculate reducing the number of events I would have to mess with.

Unfortunately the calculate function just pulls the animation in the numeric sequence that I calculate (i.e. 5 would be the 5th active animation, etc.), so that's not helpful here. Has anyone been able to work around this?