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Thread: Global Actives across frames.

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    Global Actives across frames.

    OK, I could test this myself, but I'm busy for the next few hours and the answer could benefit someone else's understanding of working globally...

    I think most, if not all Fusion users, if they have 2.5++, should be working "globally" - that is to say, use global events with one "master" base frame and then the rest of the frame is levels with all the objects in and all your events are in one place.

    One thing I want to know is, let's say I have a global active object and all of the Alt. Values are set to the default I want, but are then changed by the game's "engine" - when the game goes to a different frame, do the Alt. Values remain what they were in the previous frame, in other words, are truly "global?"

    So if I change an Alt. Value from the default of 5 to 10, in the next frame, is it still set to 10?

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    Yes, values are preserved between frames in global objects.

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