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Thread: How do I make a top-down dash in Fusion?

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    How do I make a top-down dash in Fusion?

    Hi, everyone! Recently I've been trying to create a dashing mechanic for my top-down RPG game in the same style as the dashing mechanic from Hyperlight Drifter.

    So far I've been trying to use Fastloops to do this. When the user presses the spacebar the program will start the Fastloop "dash". Then On loop it will check the direction of the player and set the players X/Y value appropriatly. My problem is that the player doesn't gradually change positions, it's position just snaps. So, I was wondering how I would fix this issue OR if there is a better way of creating a dash in Fusion.

    Thank you!

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    Here's an example - instead of using a fastloop, you just set an alterable value and lower it over time

    dash example.mfa

    this uses WASD for movement and dashes towards the mouse location as an example, but you could modify it to dash in the direction the player moves in instead

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