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Thread: Get objecto doesnt work on android 9 and 10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corborus View Post
    Hello again Fernando! The link is an example, the server inside the examen is and that is what I used. Anyway, I tried another links for testing and doesnt work. And I always compile with 28 or 29 (the example is old but I change it before compile). Changing the network_Security_config didnt work neither :S. I dont know what to do
    P.D.: I decompile and compile with apktools without any error.
    Hey! I had an error with the get object when I tried to submit scores with android 9+

    What solved my problem was putting on the "Get object" properties, on "Domain List", "", and it started working.

    Hope it helps!

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    Where can I find this domain list you‘re talking about?

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