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Thread: SDL Joystick Object release

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    I updated the original version of the extension, which you can download here:
    Help wiki:

    -Rewritten with Fusion 2.5 SDK.
    -The extension is now built for Unicode.
    -Added support for basic rumble.
    -Added debugger functionality (it's like a limited version of the example but available straight in the debugger).
    -The SDL library stays in memory when the object is destroyed, and is unloaded only when the application ends. This allows for better input detection across frames.
    -Added support for the GameController interface, a Game Controller check condition and an action to load controller mappings from a file. See the wiki for more information.
    -The project is now compiled as Multi-Threaded by default. This allows for the extension to run without Visual C++ runtimes installed at the cost of a larger .mfx file.
    -SDL2.dll is now registered as the extension's dependency. As a result, you don't need to worry about loading it manually, but you have to put SDL2.dll in Clickteam Fusion's main folder and in the Data\Runtime\Unicode folder. This should hopefully fix all the instability issues that affected earlier versions of this extension. When you build the application, SDL2.dll will be included in its executable automatically (you can use "Unpacked EXE" in application properties to have the DLL separately).
    -Fixed broken conditions related to pushed and released buttons.
    -Some failchecks have been added to prevent potential crashes.
    -The object can now have Alterable Values, Flags and Alterable Strings.
    -Updated documentation and example. Replaced the .chm file with a link to the wiki on GitHub.

    If you run into any bugs please let me know.

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    Thanks for the update!

    Testing feedback:
    The ps4 controller touchpad pressed state is not recognized, cant tell if problem is in sdl itself or the extension but thought I'd let you know. It worked in previous versions.
    Also for ps4 controller, hat0 (dpad) is not recognized, the dpad button IDs work, but hat0 does not.

    Some questions:
    Is loading a game controller database file needed on every frame, or is it enough to do once and it will keep in memory over frames?
    Also is loading a game controller database file needed to recognize most common controller types or will they be recognized by sdl framework anyway?

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