Okay, so we're all in quarantine, and many of us are trying to grab contract gigs to get remote work in and pay the bills. But all these invoicing applications are trying to charge me $45 a month just to keep track of the time I'm spending working.

Say hello to INVOICR, a brand new, tiny time-tracking app I developed to help my fellow creatives in need. Just plug in how much you're charging your client per hour and hit Start. INVOICR combines a stopwatch, calculator, and notebook all in one so you can easily keep track of how much time you've spent working on a project. When you're done for the day, just type up some notes about what you did, and for whom, and hit Record. INVOICR will record all the data - including the time spent working, how much you're owed, your notes, and put it into a readable format that you can then save to a TXT file at the click of a button.

And best of all, it's 100% free! Right now INVOICR is for Windows only but I'm hoping to change that by the end of the week (come on stimulus check). Plus over the next few updates I'll be adding in a few more specific note-taking features like client name, project, etc. and hopefully some kind of tab system for multi-project support in case you're multitasking.

So if you're looking for a lightweight and free option to help you keep track of your freelance work time, go give INVOICR a shot and save yourself the monthly subscription to those bloated accounting softwares that probably sell your data to god-knows-who.